Sifterbot is built by Dennis Paagman.

I built Sifterbot to solve a problem I personally have. I want to receive notifications from the services I use, but generally don’t like email notifications. I want more control over my notifications, as not everything is important. I also don’t like every app having their own notifications. I also like to have my notifications together in one stream, which allows me to check them when I want, in one place. And I want to customise the message, I want them to be concise and clear.

I’m also a fan of Telegram and the extra features it offers. One of those features are ‘bots’, which can be programmed to send and respond to messages. I played around with a Telegram bot before, and think chatbots in messenger apps have great potential.

Webhooks are the other side of the equation. They are a way for apps to talk to each other, basically a webhook is a message sent by one app to an other with all available data. For example, Stripe can send a webhook when you get a new subscriber.

So here we are! Sifterbot let’s you create unique endpoints for webhooks, which are then filtered and parsed through a template. When you want it delivers a message to your Telegram account or to a group chat.

It’s very much still in beta and any feedback is very welcome!

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